Do you want to know what is all possible in the world of sfx makeup artist effects ?
Then watch my new interview with Jörn Seifert (Twilight Creations) at The Makeup Show Europe in Berlin.

The sfx makeup artist Jörn Seifert explains one of their last creations: The fat make up of the actor Wolke Hegenbarthfor  “Es kommt noch dicker”. “We created for this a fat make up – but still looking beautiful. We asked ourselves, how we would makle this. We did this with silicone and a lot of other stuff. It still took us over 5 hours a day to create this make up.” – said the sfx makeup artist.

The sfx makeup artist also describes, how he did an aging make up for Yvonne Catterfeld. “Whatever the feel of make up special effects has – we cover it”, the sfx makeup artistsays about his company.


Website Twilight Creations

Trailer “Es kommt noch dicker”