Watch the featured video of Holy Ghost, Berlin Fashion Week 2013, a/w.

The three young women Sedina Halilovic, Ivana Bogicevic and Jelena Radovanovic have shared a deep friendship for over 12 years. Out of their love for fashion, in Spring 2010 holyGhost was born. Sedina Halilovic, The Creative Spirit (born 1982 in Munich) has studied Fashion Management at the „Akademie für Mode und Design“ in Munich and is responsible for the design. Ivana Bogicevic, The Spirit of Development (born 1980 in Kraljevo/ Serbia) studied at the public School of Fashion in Munich and gained a master in fashion development.


She is responsible for production and quality management. Jelena Radovanovic, The Managing Spirit (born 1983 in Belgrade/ Serbia) has graduated in Economics at the State University in Munich. She is the head of Sales and Marketing. 


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