Video from Zoe Onas colourful & spectacular fashion show at Januarys Berlin Fashion Week 2013. Autumn/ winter collection.


The ZOE ONA brand, which was founded only two years ago, is currently in the process of carving out its own niche in the market with its ladies’ urban outerwear collections with “original luxury”. This young company supported by over 70 renowned retailers in Germany and Austria is already recording profits. The concept consisting of “refined simplicity”, first-class materials and high-quality traditional manufacture in Europe is finding new fans every day. “Textilwirtschaft“ declared ZOE ONA as “Label to Watch” for 2013.



Andrada Ona’s view of fashion has developed from a life lived between very different cultures and roles. She was born in Romania but has been living for many years in Cologne, where she worked as a doctor until the founding of her label. Ona is the mother of two children. She named her brand after her daughter Zoe.


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