Video of 3zehn fashion show, filmed at the Berlin Fashion Week 2013, autumn winter collection.

“…Each piece of work bear my signature. I do not have specific sources of inspiration. I am always inspired by the unexpected, and by everything that surrounds me. My style reflects what I like, what I feel and think…”


Right after her fashion studies in Hannover 2010, Kristin Zimmermann entered the world of independence. At the age of 24 she started her own fashion label “3zehn” and opened her design studio “3zehn Fashion Lounge” in Erfurt in September 2010. The number 13 accompanied Kristin Zimmermann throughout her whole life. In primary school the number 13 had already been of great importance and soon became her lucky number. It is the 13 which provides her with happiness. The fashion label stands for elegant and extravagant designer fashion. Apart from the exclusive haute couture lines, the label offers wearable and formidable prêt-à-porter collections. The material is one of the major components of a garment for Kristin Zimmermann. Therefore, she puts great emphasis on the high quality of the finest materials. Through loving attention given to every detail and passionate affection for timeless and elegant designs, every garment is unmistakable and every collection unique.