The EMERSON BY JACKIE FRASER-SWAN collection embodies the powerful and free-spirited modern woman. Luxuriously classic and sophisticated, EMERSON BY JACKIE FRASER-SWAN encourages each woman to shamelessly indulge in her eccentric side. Headquartered in the heart of Boston’s elite Newbury Street shopping district, EMERSON BY JACKIE FRASER-SWAN’s use of the world’s finest fabrics and domestic tailoring challenges the best global sportswear brands.

Owner and designer Jackie Fraser-Swan designs the collection mixing many of today’s fashion genres: couture with contemporary, rock with romance. After attending the School of Fashion Design in Boston, MA, Fraser-Swan was able to take her skill of clothing construction and combine that with her natural talent for art and design. Emerson is Fraser-Swan’s middle name, a name she shares with her distant relative, philosopher and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Fraser-Swan married her high school sweetheart, Brian. They reside south of Boston with their four young daughters.


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