In 1987, Paola Robba was a trainee of a great multinational company in Brazil; she had an envied and coveted position for almost her whole university studies. However, it didn’t represent a thing for her. Her dreams and desires were beyond her functions.


At that time, Paola had a friend who owned a fashion beachwear store and it was necessary in the business to have good suppliers. So, everything started! All of a sudden, Paola thought: “If I’ve always been able to make bikinis and maillots for my dolls, why not try to do something new in my life?”
Poko Pano’s swimwear collection, brought to you by We proudly present the Video of label Poko Pano from Miami – Enjoy & get inspired! 🙂



Poko Pano Swimwear 

SWIM 2014 Miami


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